2nd International & 6th national Conference on Earthquake and Structures

Rapid development in diverse scientific disciplines, including civil engineering, is so remarkable that holding regular conferences to exchange the latest scientific innovations sounds inevitable. In this regard, national and international annual conferences in structural and earthquake engineering, held by the Research Center for Earthquake and Natural Disasters at ACECR, have received a considerable attention from scholars and researchers. This center has endeavored to consistently organize this event to publish the latest scientific findings and create a relationship among universities and research centers as well. This is evidenced by successfully holding five conferences in the past years.

In order to achieve this invaluable goal, this research center is attempting to hold the second international and sixth national conference on earthquake and structural engineering as well as the twentieth seminar and annual specialized workshop on space structures in April 2015. We hope to witness a large presence of researchers, professors, students, and experts in the field of structural and earthquake engineering.

The events at this conference include the presentation of scientific-research articles, posters, designs, industrial achievements, educational workshops, and roundtables related to the issues of earthquake and structural engineering in Iran. Therefore, all enthusiasts and experts are invited to actively participate in this event by submitting their scientific discoveries and industrial achievements.

Keynote Speakers

    IMG_1007              Bhattacharya             tuncer              Photo-Guerri_10x10cm 

       Prof. Michael Balz                Prof. Subhamoy Bhattacharya         Prof. Tuncer Cakmakli                 Prof. Claudio F. Guerri
              Germany                                 United Kingdom                                       Turkey                                        Argentina

     pic                kim2                 lazaro                2

   Prof. Koichiro Ishikawa                 Prof. SeungDeog Kim                      Prof. Carlos Lázaro                 Prof.Hoshyar Nooshin
                Japan                                       South Korea                                       Spain                                    United Kingdom

    nagy                olga2                 imran2                 rebeliek - Copy

        Prof. Dénes Nagy                     Prof. Olga Popovic Larsen        Prof. Muhammad Imran Rafiq         Prof. Janusz Rębielak
                Hangary                                         Denmark                                     United Kingdom                                   Poland