About Conference

About the Conference

The International Conference on Earthquake and Structures (CES), as one of the most important scientific events in the field, provides an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and students to share the latest knowledge and techniques for understanding and mitigating the effects of earthquakes.
The Institute of Earthquake and Disaster of ACECR of Kerman branch (EDK) has successfully organized five CES conferences. However, since the last CES conference in 2014 (CES5), the world has experienced several destructive earthquakes which claimed thousands of lives and caused great damage and losses. These earthquakes and the diverse related risks caused more challenges and initiated more applied and scientific research with the goal of presenting new solutions and introducing innovative methods for decreasing these risks. In this regard, the 6th Conference on Earthquake and Structures (CES6) aims to provide a unique environment to develop synergy between participants from around the world. This conference brings together professionals from a broad range of disciplines to discuss, share and exchange their latest achievements and state-of-the-art research. Furthermore, several workshops and special sessions will be ; participants will have the opportunity to learn more about subjects of interest in structures, earthquake engineering and disaster risk management.


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