Head of Shahid Bahonar university


Prof. M.J.Fadaee

 Head of Shahid Bahonar university

   Shahid Bahonar university is one of the biggest universities of Iran and Middle East. This university is located in south east of Kerman in an area of 5.000.000 sq. meters and started educational activities in 1975, admitting 90 students. After the Islamic Revolution, the university was called Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman after Dr. Mohammad Javad Bahonar. Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology considers this university as one of top universities of Iran due to 40 years of educational and research achievements. At the beginning, 25000 sq. meters of space was considered for 5000 students but this space is increased to more than 23,000 sq. meters and 14000 students. Alireza Afzalipour and Fakhereh Saba founded Kerman University in 1974.

Institute of Earthquake and Disaster

Iran, being located between two Arabian and Euro-Asian tectonic plates, experienced over 130 severe earthquakes in the 20th century alone, indicating the seismicity and vulnerability of the area. These earthquakes resulted in heavy casualties and long-lasting, serious socio-economic damages, including the loss of invaluable artifacts of ancient Persian culture. It is crucial that we find a solution to prevent or diminish further damage. ACECR Kerman Branch recognized this and, at their suggestion, the Institute of Earthquakes and Disasters ACECR Kerman Branch (EDK) was formed in 2010. EDK was approved as a “Research Center” in 2010 after recognizing that training talented students could help realize the institute’s goals and develop knowledge of the field.

Today, EDK is engaged in the implementation of national and international research. Its responsible and qualified researchers are taking effective steps in protecting human lives and property against natural disaster. EDK’s main goals are research development and education in all areas related to structures, earthquake engineering and earthquake hazard. EDK also intends to develop and implement of earthquake damage reduction.It also is interested in development of cultural awareness about earthquake security both in the country and in the region.

The department’s instructional and research programs are grouped into three focus areas: Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Risk Management. The Department of Structural Engineering offers instruction leading to the degrees of Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Space Frame Structures and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Structural Engineering.

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